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Haunted Williamsburg Gardens Tour

Williamsburg Halloween And The Ghost Tour

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Halloween is coming. And it’s a subtle reminder that not all ghosts and goblins are fictional. Well the characters that we see at the amusement parks during the Halloween season are more sensationalized fantasy, then supernatural possibility. This is not the case when taking the Williamsburg Ghost Tour. The Williamsburg ghost walk tour will take you to mysterious sites where their have been documented ghosts and hauntings. Also it’s never a bad idea when visiting these kind of sites on this tour to be in a group. Nobody wants to be alone when confronted with the paranormal. Thus  a walking tour group is a great idea, especially if you do it on Halloween.

Halloween is a fun holiday in Williamsburg Virginia. Spurred on by such spirited Halloween events like Busch Gardens hollow scream or various homemade pop up haunted houses, the makeshift holiday is a lot of fun. Much of Halloween is heart pounding costume style fun with comic book style demons, ghosts,goblins and other characters that are really more science fiction than history.

But On The Williamsburg Ghost Tours..not all history IS historyhalloween-williamsburg

But not all history is actually history, Williamsburg is an older city. Halloween is often a reminder that not all history stays quiet or completely goes away. Much of the past is still with us very vividly and has left passengers in the spirit realm behind. Basically historic Colonial Williamsburg has hauntings.

The Colonial Past

Stretching back to the colonial era many people have passed through Williamsburg as soldiers, settlers, wives, mothers and slaves. Strife, war, oppression, and attachment are just some of the possible reasons these ghosts live in this town which resembles the Colonial era. This rich historical tapestry is ladened with sightings of these visitors in our world today.

According To Ghost Hunters…

Ghost hunters will tell you that trauma gets translated into spiritual activity especially in historic places. Human tragedy, confusion, or other motivations cause spirits to stay for one reason or the other. I would also put forth that the landscape of Colonial Williamsburg is very close to its Colonial roots with restored buildings and Georgian brick architecture everywhere. Hauntings often occur in older homes or buildings, making this Colonial oasis a prime candidate for ghosts.

Come learn about history that started hundreds of years ago and seems to have carried into the 21st-century. These are documented hauntings. Our walking tour will show you these places where the activity has been the greatest.


Colonial Beginnings And The Spirit World

Colonial beginnings

It’s natural that Haunted America would find its roots here in Colonial Williamsburg. The Colonial era sparks a time when the area comes alive with new settlers and a country is formed. Williamsburg is a key part of this formation. Ghost activity is set against the backdrop of this Colonial world.

A great resource

I saw a blog that goes into some detail about Haunted Williamsburg. ( It is listed at the bottom of the page)The blog mentions historical places where hauntings have occurred and the details surrounding them. Some of the Williamsburg locations with ghost activity are:

Brafferton Building
College of William & Mary Campus

Wren Building
College of William & Mary Campus

Public Records Office
Duke of Gloucester Street

Raleigh Tavern
Duke of Gloucester Street

Peyton Randolph House
Corner of North England and Nicholson Streets

Orrell House
East Francis Street

And if you like history and supernatural activity, Williamsburg Virginia is the place for you.

Naturally there a lot of special things ghost hunters do with equipment and training that we, as normal people, won’t have. That really does not matter. There are many documented cases of tourists and locals encountering ghosts.

Now It Is Your Turn

Come learn about history that started hundreds of years ago and seems to have carried into our modern world. Learn the history behind this “living” history. Our walking tour will show you the places where the activity has been the greatest.

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