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African American History Tour In Williamsburg

Virginia African American History: The Short, Sad History Of Lord Dunmore’s Royal Ethiopian Regiment

African American Soldiers And The Revolutionary War In Virginia In November 1775, Lord Dunmore, the last royal Governor of Virginia signed a proclamation stating that any able bodied slave of a rebel master could run to his Royal Ethiopian regiment to fight the Americans and gain their freedom. Dunmore did... Finish Reading

Peninsula Campaign and battle of wiliamsburg

The Peninsula Campaign

The Peninsula Campaign And The Battle Of Williamsburg The Civil War Battle Of Williamsburg..was a key part of the Peninsula Campaign. The civil war’s early days set the tone for the bloody struggle that would cause so much trauma to not one nation, but two. The Peninsula Campaign was the... Finish Reading

Williamsburg History Tour

Williamsburg Walking Tours Hosts Blind Students From The Virginia Department Of The Blind And Visually Impaired

Williamsburg Walking Tours Hosts Blind Students from DBVI For the third year, Williamsburg Walking Tours hosted 30 students from the Virginia Department for the Blind and Visually Impaired for a special 1 ½-hr. tour. On Saturday, July 20, 2019, Co-Owner and Master Storyteller Trish Thomas entertained the group with little-known... Finish Reading

williamsburg on site history lectures and tours


Trish has spent a lifetime studying history, especially the history of Virginia, and is a master storyteller. She’s from Virginia Beach, and for years gave tours on the boardwalk about shipwrecks, pirates and the heroic Coast Guard lifesaving stations. She regularly appeared at the historic houses of Virginia Beach, and... Finish Reading

battle for willamsburg tour

The Occupation Of Williamsburg

To understand the occupation of Williamsburg put yourself in these shoes.. A year ago you lived as a free woman in peace. You went to the market, to church, and to your home without any thought of safety, food, or your future. Times were good. Food was plentiful and you... Finish Reading

Richmond Was A Hard Road To Travel

The Battle of Williamsburg Campaign: Boundaries And Battlelines

Battle of Williamsburg Boundaries The boundaries or battlefield area of the Battle of Williamsburg stretched from Jamestown to Yorktown. The apex of the battlefield would be Fort Magruder in Williamsburg. This would be the South’s position that they would have to hold in the Williamsburg Conflict. How The Battle Of... Finish Reading

civil war tour of williamsburg, va

Civil War Tour In Williamsburg Virginia

Williamsburg Walking Tours Is Offering A New Civil War Tour. The Name of the tour is Richmond Is A Hard Road To Travel. The Civil War Comes To Williamsburg It is based upon a song written during the war The song is…”Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel.” There are... Finish Reading

blackbeard anniversary


There is no end to the fascination with pirates. The idea of men without country, charter, law or government fascinate the American public and the world. No such historical character embodies the visceral and romantic qualities of the pirate captain like Blackbeard.   Just the mention of that name evokes... Finish Reading

Revolutionary War

September 11..Day Of American Trial And Tribulation

September 11 is day of infamy. No American citizen could ever forget this day. In fact, most Americans could tell you exactly where they were. That is the impact of a national trauma and a day in which thousands of Americans would lose their lives when the Trade Towers and... Finish Reading

black history bass reeves

Bass Reeves

If you have ever thought Hollywood is searching for scripts when you see tired run of the mill cookie cutter action movies, I can tell you one place they should be looking. The place..the relatively unexplored annals of Black History or African American history. Bass Reeves is a movie that... Finish Reading

African American Historical Photo

Remembering African American History In June: The 54th Massachusetts Infantry

Williamsburg is a crossroad point of America. It is a physical location that encompasses a historic journey of freedom that memorialized a young Colonial nation breaking away from their dominating origin country. This theme is played out throughout the entire United States, encompassing battlefields, museums, books, personal accounts, and the... Finish Reading

Jackie Robinson Williamsburg

African American History: The Impact Of Jackie Robinson

African American History is a definitely  one where you have to approach it is a detective. And not just do you have to investigate untruths but also what I call convenient historical absences. By absences I mean things that just seemed to get forgotten by the history books. African American... Finish Reading

Williamsburg black history

Williamsburg Black History

African American or Black History is a critical, and often inconvenient, expose of true unbiased American history. A history that does not paint America or Colonial Williamsburg as a bastion of freedom, but as a hypocritical battle zone of ideals falling way short of historical data. Mistruths, historical spins, and... Finish Reading


Thanksgiving And The Question Of National Identity

There is an old saying, history is written by the victors. If you ever read a native American account of what American Thanksgiving is, you will understand what I mean. Thirty or forty years ago it felt like there was little unrest about what seemed like historical norms. Concerning Thanksgiving:... Finish Reading

haunted williamsburg tour

Williamsburg Ghost Walk

Mention going to the Williamsburg Ghost Walk or Ghost walk tour to anyone and you will get a mixed response. On the one hand it seems unnatural to pay to be scared while walking the cobblestone streets of Colonial Williamsburg. On the other hand, we, as a human species WANT... Finish Reading

trip advisor reviews tours williamsburg

Trip Advisor Tour Reviews

Trip Advisor Reviews of Williamsburg Walking Tours Millions of people go to Trip Advisor to choose the right food, attractions, and places to stay. And there is a reason they do it. That reason is there is no hiding boring attractions, marginal food, or subhuman accommodations from the vigilant hands... Finish Reading