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Williamsburg Ghost Stories Weren’t The Beginnings Of Hauntings…

October 7th, 2016 Posted by ghost history, ghosts, origins, williamsburg No Comment yet

When bringing up the subject of Ghosts in Williamsburg a few questions come to mind:

  • Are ghosts in Williamsburg real?
  • Are they actually documented in the colonial town?
  • If so how do we know they’re actually true?

Maybe a better question is…where did hauntings start?

A quick thought to trace the origins of the paranormal

Anywhere there civilization, there is death, struggle, and tragedy. And in any of these civilizations of the past you will often find there are  hauntings or para normal events. The fact is though, hauntings did not start in Williamsburg.

The First Mention of Ghosts….

To determine if there were ghosts in the colonial centuries we’ve got to go back thousands of years to see when the first hauntings were and why?

In The Epic of Gilgamesh, which is believed to be the oldest piece of epic Western literature (written: ~2150 – 1400 B.C.), Gilgamesh, the semi-mythic king of Uruk, summons the ghost of a wild man named Enkidu from the underworld to know about what lies after death.

That is, possibly, the first instance of a ghost appearing in a story.

ghost_experience_in_williamsburgThe Restless Dead

But when it comes to a ghost story in the truest sense, involving the restless dead, The Library written by the Roman author Pliny the Younger (~61 – 113 A.D.) is possibly the first ever.  The following was published by The Ancient Standard (Oct. 31 2007) and you can read it by going to this link:

Link To The First Ghost Story

Enjoy!  — Trish at Williamsburg Walking Tours.

colonial-ghostsReady To Explore The Restless Past Of Colonial Williamsburg?

A great way to get your feet wet in this endeavor is to try out our Ghostly Tales tour which looks at the deep-seated reasons of actual hauntings in Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s not a sensational look into how we can make Duke Of Gloucester Street look like a haunted house, but it is a look into the lives and the troubled events that caused these disturbances in the spiritual plane.

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If Ghost Stories Of Williamsburg Are A Little Too Racy…

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