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Telling the Bees

Honeybees – Apis Mellifera — are amazing creatures!

It’s no wonder writers and poets through the centuries have been inspired by them.

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the botanic garden Benjamin maund
american history

Before emojis, there was Floriography 

This season, Williamsburg Walking Tours will periodically investigate the meaning and origin of the flowers that can be found in the gardens of Colonial Williamsburg and along the rivers and waterways of Tidewater, Virginia.

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child painting with squirrel
american history

Squirrels in Williamsburg

When Europeans first began settling North America, they brought with them dogs, cats, and other standard domestic farm animals that were a necessary part of

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Pollarded Willows and the Setting Sun Vincent van Gogh, 1888

What’s Wrong With Those Trees?

At the corner of Nassau and Francis Streets stand these stately sycamore trees.  In my opinion they are at their most beautiful in winter, when their bare branches and “knuckles” stand out against the brilliant blue sky. People on my tours often ask, “What’s wrong with those weird trees?”  I love this question because it gives me a chance to talk about an ancient and ingenious technique called pollarding. 

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