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Why You Should Take Your Family To The Virginia Musical Museum

Article By: <br>Trish Thomas

Article By:
Trish Thomas

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For music and history lovers alike, the Virginia Musical Museum and Music Hall of Fame is a must-see display when you next visit Williamsburg, VA. This interesting museum is home to countless displays all dedicated to preserving the history of Virginian musicians. There are many exhibits to see and things to learn. 

From antique instruments to costuming and phonographs, guests can take a step back in time to explore the history of music as it is today. With these exhibitions, visitors will not only be able to learn about the various musical instruments and techniques, but it is also a great way to pay homage to these local musicians who impacted the Virginian music industry. The various exhibits include:

Virginians and Their Music

This exhibit takes a look at the history of local creators and honors the various legends that have all hailed from Virginia with personal artifacts and stories. Just a few of Virginia’s most notable musicians include:

  • Patsy Cline
  • Gene Vincent
  • The Carter Family
  • June Carter
  • Ella Fitzgerald

And more! 

The Piano Gallery

The piano is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world, both in sound and in design. This gallery features pianos dating all the way back to the 1760s. It also is home to one of the only two 1970 Joshua Shudi harpischords in existence. 

Circus and Amusement Park Music

See the quirkiest instruments around at this amusing exhibit. See Laughing Sal and a Wurlitzer band organ – all from actual amusement parks and circuses. 

Music Boxes and Nickelodeons

Music boxes are a unique piece of instrumental history. These music boxes all work, from the Violana Virtuoso to the KT Special. The rarest of the collection was owned directly by the founder of Smithfield Ham Company. 


Edison sparked an amazing history when it came to music, and with this display you can pay homage to his works and view various phonographs from the past. 


The exhibit features a Reed organ as well as monkey organ, glass organ, a self-playing pipe organ, and a Hammond organ.

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