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Paper Doll Summer: A Colonial Williamsburg Souvenir

Souvenir translates from the French as “recollection” or “memory.”  Back then, the word meant a small take-home treasure. The is first seen in the English language around the end of the 18th century, to refer to objects that remind us of a certain place or time. Tourists have been buying souvenirs for thousands of years and souvenir trends have changed over the years.

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Telling the Bees

Honeybees – Apis Mellifera — are amazing creatures!

It’s no wonder writers and poets through the centuries have been inspired by them.

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american history

Before emojis, there was Floriography 

This season, Williamsburg Walking Tours will periodically investigate the meaning and origin of the flowers that can be found in the gardens of Colonial Williamsburg and along the rivers and waterways of Tidewater, Virginia.

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